Service Areas

International Transportation / Road Freight

Karınca Logistics provides fast and safe road freight services with its wide service network. It delivers all types of goods safely, regardless of weight and size. Karınca presents the optimum combination of road, sea and rail freights. With its modern fleet, strong organizational structure and worldwide agency network, Karınca Logistics transports to every delivery point, especially in European countries with optimum cost and time, and offers its clients online monitoring facility with its continuously improved technological infrastructure. Karınca Logistics provides just in time delivery, door-to-door delivery and return logistics services by organizing product and sector specific delivery equipment with its expert staff.

Why Karınca ?

  • Experienced customer service
  • Online track and trace system
  • Wide service network
  • Combination of different transportation models
  • Fast and reliable service approach
  • Eco friendly modern fleet

Karınca Logistics provides:

  • FTL and LTL transportations
  • Daily groupage transportations
  • Garments on hangers transportations
  • Express and regular services
  • Refrigerated transportations
  • ADR transportation
  • Oversized cargo transportations

Service Lines:

Europe: Germany / Holland / Belgium / Italy / France / UK / Poland / Hungary / Austria / Spain / Denmark / Switzerland / Romaine / Norway / Sweden / Slovakia

Middle East: Iraq / Saudi Arabia / UAE / Jordan/ Oman / Qatar

Central Asia and CAC: Turkmenistan / Azerbaijan / Kazakhstan / Afghanistan / Uzbekistan / Kirghizstan / Tajikistan / Mongolia / Russia